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Create Your A Website for Your Podcast For Free

Create Your A Website for Your Podcast For Free

With applications like Anchor anyone could produce their own podcast and share their thoughts with other people globally through Spotify and Apple Podcast and the likes. But with the pandemic at hand, some people tried to convert their podcasts into something more than a hobby. Something that would eventually pay the bills.

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I got into this podcasting gig back in 2003 with high hopes that I would land a radio jock career someday though I started my podcasting journey 6 years later using platforms like Soundcloud with monologue topics recorded through my phone. But it’s just recently that I have converted my podcast into something that would contribute to my financial capabilities and would consider to be an official side hustle.

I would often say that there are 3 key points in converting your podcast into a small scale business that would give you passive income opportunities. Before you jump in to affiliate marketing, sponsorship drafts and other collaborative opportunities you must consider your podcast to have A Standard Niche, An Audience Specific Relevance and Digital Consistency and Credibility. And how can you build your podcast’s credibility? Like any other business out there your podcast needs a website to single it out from the numerous fake sites and mediums that propagate false information to people. Here’s How did mine:

I created an account on Hashnode. Hashnode is a free and open source blogging platform for tech and developers alike. Your podcast is a tech medium and considered to be a tech medium so it should fit right on SEO purposes.

Then I purchased a domain on and linked it by directing its DNS from our Cloud Server pointing to my hashnode account. (Don’t worry, hashnode will guide you on doing this) You can get your domains on domain registrars like Namecheap and Cloudflare. Or you can opt in having your Hashnode profile link like “yourname.hasnode.com”

Once you’ve done this wait for your domain settings to propagate, while waiting, customize your pages by adding your about page, and linking your podcast RSS Feed to one of your pages. (You can find your RSS Feed link on your podcast hosting provider)

You can also update and include other widgets on your website such as your Stripe or PayPal link and buttons or include your social media for internal linking and backlinking SEO purposes. Once satisfied you can click update page and amaze your colleagues with a professional looking website. You can contact my team at [email protected] if ever you want to go an extra mile and have your own professional email like “[email protected]”.

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