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The Task

Podcasting is a powerful medium that allows voices to be heard, stories to be shared, and knowledge to be spread far and wide. It's a platform where authenticity, connection, and inspiration converge, shaping the way we listen, learn, and grow.

During my professional journey, I had the opportunity to work with Real Estate IQ as their Podcast Manager and Editor. In this role, I played a vital part in overseeing the production and optimization of their podcast content, contributing to the company’s mission of providing valuable insights and knowledge to the real estate community.

As the Podcast Manager, my responsibilities encompassed the entire podcast production process, from concept development to final publication. I collaborated closely with the Real Estate IQ team, guests, and industry experts to identify compelling topics and interview guests who could provide valuable insights and expertise to the audience.

As an Editor, I meticulously reviewed and edited podcast episodes to ensure clarity, coherence, and conciseness. This involved removing any unnecessary segments, optimizing the pacing of the conversation, and enhancing the overall listening experience for the audience. I paid careful attention to detail, ensuring that each episode adhered to Real Estate IQ’s brand guidelines and maintained a professional tone.